Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sailing Movies

Last night I re-watched White Squall and started thinking about some of the other movies that feature sailing. Here are some of my favorites:
Wind - Great Coppola movie.

Captain Ron is a classic!

Water World has an awesome cat with a trick kite.

Dead Calm is a cliff hanger.

And White Squall

And here is the newest one about sailing that will be in multiplex near you at the end of the month.

What are your favs?


my2fish said...

not a favorite, but a new movie with sailing is coming out soon - "Charlie St. Cloud"


Pat said...

The "classic" Mutiny on the Bounty, Master and Commander, Morning Light (Disney's Transpac youth), the Vikings (old movie).

Tommy said...

I also listed them once!
You forgot: Open Water 2, Morning Light, Message in a bottle,


Tillerman said...

Wind is a bit cheesy in places but it us still my favorite sailing movie. The International 14 scene is the best part of it and contains some of the most erotic dialog (about sailing) I have ever heard (just before the capsize.)

Pat said...

And I can't help giggling at the "Whomper".

Captain Peter F. Black said...

Great bunch of movies! I think the only one I haven't seen is Dead Calm. I'll have to check that out.

Dennis @ Discount Marine Electronics said...

I'm not sure that there is a favorite for me but I have seen the majority of the movies you have posted here. They are all great. I can't wait for "Charlie St. Cloud" to be in the theaters.

Smilicus said...

Yep, beautiful wooden yachts in Message in a Bottle. Morning Light i saw the other day, not great story line, but nice footage.

Quite liked Deep Water even thou it was a documentary.