Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Bike

In my quest to keep in shape for our journey to New Zealand in a few years, I purchased a new bike to replace my 10 year old mountain bike. There has been a huge shift in bike production over the last few years that I was not aware of. Gary Fisher decided to increase the size of the rims from 26" to 29". At first, folks thought he was nuts. Soon it took off an now everyone in the biz is putting out a 29er. They go faster and climb easier. I purchased a Rock Hopper Expert with hydralic brakes and front suspension and am very impressed with this bike. Currently, I am riding about 2500 miles a year and have a great 10 mile hilly loop thru Coyote hills Park. It's an awesome ride with huge climbs and fast downhills. Along with my running and swimming, I hope to be in fine shape for the 2 year trip I am planning once my son graduates from college in 2018.

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