Monday, January 24, 2011

The Perfect Winter Sail

Sunday was amazing. My swim buddy, best friend Dave came out from Stockton to join me and Kona. We hoped to meet up with several other boats at Angel. No wind for the start so we motor towards Angel for 30 minutes. Then the wind comes up and it's 8-10 and we are making way under sail. The sun is bright and warm, it's about 60 and I mention to Dave that many times it's warmer in the winter when sailing the bay, and much cooler in the summer. He agrees. Our friends are both on the west side of Angel asking about the wind on the east side where we are. It's building to 12 and perfect, come on over. We continue north on a beautiful tack towards San Quentin. I start to set up the spinnaker for the run home. We tack and bring down the jib. I have Dave raise the sock and we are heading home. Really nice sail home in these better than summer conditions. We gybe the spinnaker once and then it's time to bring her down. After a small wrap, we get her down for a fast run home. As we locked up the boat, we both agreed it's going to be tuff to top this sail!!!

Not the best vid but you get the idea. Glorious!


Peter F. Black said...

Left my apartment today and it was 15 degrees out and there was ice on my windshield.

That kind of sailing in January huh? Must be nice... :-)

Craig Russell said...

You can't believe the weather here! Today will be in the 70's. Go west young man!