Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Profile of a Sailor

You get blown up in the war and luckily recover. After some ups and downs, you decide to sail around the world. You buy a boat and lose it in a storm off the coast of California. A passing freighter plucks you off the boat and continues on its way to china. You land in a strange place with nothing and no way to get home. You work and sail for a bit and then decide to ride a bike across the Continent and to the Atlantic. You make 7000+ mile journey only to have your bike stolen. You make it back to Cali and decide to race in Pacific Cup as a singlehander. On your way home, you lose your keel 800 miles from the Gate and still make it home safely. I wish I could spin a yarn this fantastic but truth is sometimes stranger than a yarn about a mythical sailor. Outside Mag and Tim Zimmerman have just printed an article about Ronnie Simpson who did all those crazy things above and more. I have been following his story since he landed in China. You can read the amazing facts about his life and times here. His next big goal is to sail the Vendee Globe in 2020! Good luck Ronnie but I don't think you need it.

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