Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Awesome Sunset Sail

It's been a busy spring with weekends full of travel and activities since mid April. Had a chance for a sunset sail the other day and I took it. Got up to the boat around 6pm and the wind was perfect at 15-18 knots. Headed thru the cut in the Berkeley Pier with just a full jib up. We took off towards Tiburon and had a very nice run into the shadow of Angel. A tack there and then a run towards the city. Kona is on board and down below. Most boats have headed to the barn so I have the bay to myself. I tack once more and get ready for the sunset. Wind is still pumping but a little lighter now. Our boat just turned 30 years young and she is still an amazing sailing machine. The sun sets behind Mt. Tam and we head for the harbor for a nice little slumber on board. Summer is here and it's time for much more sailing in my future.

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