Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Be Careful Out There

Our sailmaker Rui Luis of Rooster Sails passed over the weekend in a boating accident. He was moving from boat to boat and slipped into the Oakland Estuary on Sunday. Another boater saw him fall in and quickly came to his aid. Back on the dock, he was talking and responsive. He died shortly there after as his heart could not take the stress. I am so very sad. He was a great guy and helped me keep our sails in order. 48 years young and gone too soon. Rest in peace my friend. Make it a priority to be safe on the water and whatever you do.


Pat said...

That's been a sad shock to the community. We were visiting Alameda and very close to his loft just a few weeks ago.

JonesAct said...

I'm sorry for the loss... it is very sad when someone close passes away especially in this type of circumstance.