Thursday, June 23, 2011

Loving Audio Galaxy - Cloud Music

I have been using Audiogalaxy for a couple months now and I have been very impressed with this free service. There is something so cool about having access to your music where ever you go. My music library is way to large to carry with me, so AG solves the problem by letting me store over 100k songs in the cloud. Why wait for Apple, why waste time with Google and Amazon when you can have access to AG whenever. I do a 10 mile loop on my bike every morning thru canyons and hills and the music (playing on my iPhone) almost never skips or stops. You can also stream it using Airplay all over your house. Don't wait another day. Go get this awesome piece of heaven. If you have multiple libraries to draw from, set up multiple accounts and rock out!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't support airplay unless I'm missing something.

Craig Russell said...

My version does. Try again. Good luck.