Friday, July 26, 2013

Sex, Drugs and a little Roll!

What an amazing highlight of the summer!  My son and I got an invite to a private concert on Alcatraz!  We partied with the band and had an awesome evening on The Rock!  We left our slip in the late afternoon for a 2 hour sail to the city.  We arrived at our guest berth and departed for the ferry to the island.  The band was on board and we were greeted in style.  The wind was in the mid 20's as we approached the island.  A national company was treating their top sales folks to a grand event on the island.  We were shuttled to the prison commissary for the show.  The first act was a rapper with some great tunes.  Then came the headliner, Neon Trees.  They put on a great show with lots of energy and fun.  The crowd was going nuts.  We enjoyed the show and then just like that, we were on our way back to the city on the ferry.  My son and I felt like rockstars as there was a group of folks waiting for the band to return to shore.  We slept soundly in the guest berth and then sailed home in a nice breeze in the morning.  What a party!!

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