Thursday, July 11, 2013

Zen crew abandons ship enroute to Hawaii

Zen and his wife were heading to retirement in Japan when their 30 foot cat started running into to bad conditions.  Stormy seas, rudder failure and a sick crew caused the crew to abandon ship and jump on a passing freighter.   They are safe in LA but heartbroken and homeless.  You can read about the misadventure here.

"I am not a sailor, l guess that is one lesson from this. I can sail, I can handle the boat well and blend with the element, however the moments of pleasure have been slight. There was a few moments when the flow was there, the sequencing , the harmony of movement, with water, wind and self was balanced, beauty. However a real sailor would live for this adventure. I have been measurable since we left. I guess I am just a weekend sailor. I do not want to do this passage stuff again. I would love to fly someplace, rent a boat and explore, then fly home. That would be excellent. Sail around the inland sea, exploring, yup I want that. Weeks at sea, wet, drifting, sleepless, tired, with a broken boat sucks."


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