Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Roku Streaming Stick

I recently received a Roku Streaming Stick.  I have an Apple TV, so who knew I also needed a Stick?  There is SO much more on the Stick!  I recently returned from a trip to the Sandwich Islands and plugged her into a huge TV in the room and had access to an amazing amount of content (not that I was there to watch TV!).  Making the connection to wifi is simple and straight forward.  One of the cool apps I have discovered is Radio Paradise.  This listener supported (and commercial free), online radio station became a massive hit when they were introduced in 2000, all the way from Paradise, CA, (hence the name).  The coolest part about the site on Roku is the pictures.  Fire her up and the gorgeous slide show they have put together is fantastic!   The music is an eclectic collection of pop and rock with a dose of jazz, classical and world music.  Their hook is setting a mood without regard to genre.  Recent artists played include Eric Clapton, Weezer, Tom McRae, Third World, The Dream Academy and Al Stewart.  I highly recommend a purchase of this compact, cool streamer.  $50 bucks at your favorite electronics supplier.  This would be a great addition to your flat panel on your boat.  A fast wifi connection is required.

The stick is a little bigger than a thumb drive but it's quad core makes it a powerful media tool.  On most TV's, you will need to plug her into power (adapter included).  There is one little quirk, the only way to turn it off is to unplug it.  I checked online and most folks just leave it on 24/7.  Power consumption is very low.  Kona says two paws up!

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