Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sunset Soul Sail

Took off around 5pm the other day for a perfect sunset sail.  I hit the end of the Emeryville Channel and put up both sails for a leisurely sail in about 12-14 knots.  After two tacks, I was free of the Berkeley Pier and heading towards Sausalito.  The wind shifted to a south wind just past Treasure Island.  Nice and strong so I reduced the jib a good 35%.  Now we are comfy.  Kona is enjoying the cool breeze.  I grab my sweat shirt.  We head back around 6:30 and at one point I get in the lee of Treasure and the wind dies.  I gybe towards the pier and it slowly builds to push me back to the harbor.  I stop by Tex's boat for a quick glass of vino and then I am off to put away the boat.  We have successfully reconfigured our electric engine battery bank and are now ready to embark on a fantastic 2016 season!  Opening Day on the Bay is this Sunday.

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