Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weekend Pics

Lucky Dude.  I was out on my daily mountain bike ride thru the hills the other day.  I was on a single track when a lizard appeared running below my bike.  I went right to avoid him and hit a rock that stopped me cold.  In less than a second, I went over the handle bars and face planted with all my body weight on my face.  I was stunned and in shock and bleeding from multiple cuts on my face.  I have a nice road rash under my nose that makes me look a bit like Hitler.  I got up and rode home slowly bleeding the whole way.  Today, my face is looking better but it will be a week or so before healing.  I realized I could have been killed or paralyzed very easily.  I am very grateful that it was not worse.  It's amazing to think how our lives can turn on a dime.  As I get older, I realize how cautious I have become.  Injuries can devastate and take so long to heal.  This accident made me think how lucky I am and that I need to be even more careful out there.  And you should too!

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