Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bad News/Good News

I received an email from my Haha skipper that said he has not received the documentation he needs from the Coast Guard to leave the country and he will not be going on the Haha,  Bummer!  I had turned down 2 other boats due to my commitment with him.  Now I have no boat for the trip.  This is the 3rd time in as many years that the boat I signed up with has not made the starting line.  Once again, I will go to San Diego boatless.  I guess it proves the point that getting ready to depart on a specific date is difficult.

The good news is, since he can't do the Haha, but has the time off, he will head to the Channel Isalnds for a couple weeks and  explore these amazing islands off the coast of Socal.  He has offered me a berth if I donot find a boat for the Haha.  I have always wanted to cruise these islands.

So my new plan is to head to SD on Friday and try to find a boat over the weekend. If I donot find one, I will join his boat in Marina Del Ray and sail the islands.  So it will all work out no matter what. I will update the blog before depature.  Wish me luck!

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