Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Baja Haha Here I Come!

On a lark, I emailed a few skippers that will be joining the Haha.  Jeff emailed me back and I will be joining his boat along with one or two others.  Great news.  My original plan was to head to San Diego and knock on hulls until I found a boat.  Have done that for the last 4 years and it always worked.  So happy not to have run around and do that again.  We depart for the 750 mile adventure on Halloween.  As per usual, I will be blogging down the coast and will upload the trip report when we land in Cabo, 10 days later.  Bon voyage to us!  This will be my 6th Haha!!  Almost 200 boats and 600 friendly folks.  This sailing rally is the largest on the west coast!

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