Saturday, October 15, 2016

Vid Saturday

Trails End from Randy Halverson on Vimeo.

We have a very deep low approaching today that will bring rain and windy weather.  Rain this afternoon, when is the question.  We are heading out early to hopefully miss the wet stuff.  Here is the report from my weather/wind guru:
A powerful Pacific Low Pressure center tracks toward the Northern California border overnight then lifts northward. As it does it deepens and intensifies. The main energy of this storm heads quickly toward Washington State while the tail end works it way more slowly down the California coastline tomorrow. Another round of rainfall with areas of potentially heavy rain is brought in with the system. Morning winds will be light but will ramp up by midmorning for Bodega and by noon for the Central and East Bay. The jet stream winds will be over 100 knots by tomorrow afternoon and 80 knots at 18,000 feet, so there is lots of energy to work with. So though we won't see anywhere near the strength of what this storm will do for Washington there will be the potential for gusts into the 30s. So Craig, head out early to avoid the heavy winds and rain. Stay safe!

Central Bay: Crissy and TI rising to the low 20s by early afternoon with gusty mid 20s possible before sundown.

We are also hoping to stop by the Treasure Island Music Fest and anchor near the Bridge Stage and check out a band or two.  

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