Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Me = Local Hero?

I was out windsurfing at a local spot on the bay. I had two hours to play before getting to a wedding that I was the event planner at said wedding. Had a great session on the bay then sailed in and three boys were down by the dock asking me questions about sailing and my board. I didn't pay much attention to them as the hour was late and I had to go. I pack up and am starting the car when one of the boys runs up screaming for help. His two friends had fallen in the bay and were drifting away in the flooding tide. I run down to the dock, throw my glasses to the side and dive in for a rescue. I lifeguarded for about 6 years in my youth but had never put my skills to use. It was obvious that neither boy knew how to swim. I took a few strokes and grabbed the closest one. He was so exhausted he just kind of laid there while I gave him a cross chest carry back to the dock. Another sailor pulled him up. I looked back and yet another sailor was trying to rescue the other boy. He was not a swimmer and now he needs help and is yelling for it. I quickly swim out and grab the other boy and bring him in. Two rescues in one day! The other sailor makes it back to the dock and we both check out the boys. They are both breathing and sitting up so they are going to be OK. I look for my glasses and in the confusion someone had stepped on them and they are toast. I call the bride and tell her I am going to be late and she says no problem. As I am leaving, here comes the fire truck/EMT and the calvary as well. I drive off and head to the wedding. Still waiting for the mayor to call and offer the keys to the city!


Anonymous said...

Well done!!!

Did the boys or their parents get back to you with thanks?

Quite a story.

D. McB said...

Hero indeed. Those boys were lucky it was you on the dock that day.

Awesome Craigo!