Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Back in 86' I was on the east coast for a year working with my dad in the plastics biz. I had been surfing for 15 years at that point and windsurfing for a couple. I was so into sailing, I decided to start a windsurfing club called Windpower. Windsurfing was really taking off at that point and with a little marketing and word of mouth, I had 25 members and counting by the time May rolled around. I sent out a newsletter each month and announced the upcoming trips as well as rehashed the past trips. We hit sailing hot spots in PA, DE, MD and more. We were all 20 somethings looking for wind! The highlight of the summer was a September trip to Dewey Beach in southern Delaware. We stayed at a members house and the group arrived Friday night. We were out on the deck and the wind was blowing over 20. I mentioned a night sail and the group loved the idea. We hadn't unpacked our gear so it was get in the car and go. Someone had some glow sticks which was a great way to see the other sailors so we attached them to the masts. We took off into the darkness on Rehobeth Bay and soon we were flying in the dark. I was loving it and stayed out much longer than anyone else. This was to be my first of many night sails as I love being out there in the dark. My senses come alive and so do I. Shortly after midnight I came in and the rest of the group applauded me as I approached the bar of the Rusty Rudder. What a great night and what a great idea in starting this club. After the year was over, I moved back to Cali and my windsurfing really took off on the SF bay. This year marks my 25 year of sailing!! And I am still very passionate about this sport that allows me to fly over the water, whether it be on a board or a boat.

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