Friday, August 28, 2009

Napa Cruise

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On Sunday my friend Tex and I will head up the Napa River for a few days. Tex has been on several trips to the delta with me as well as an earlier trip up to Napa in July of 2005. Its a great 9 mile cruise up river to the Napa Valley Marina and because of the direction of the river in relation to the prevailing north westerly winds, you can sail all the way up the river. We plan to take our bikes as the Carneros wine district is up that way and we can pedal to the wineries on Monday. If we really get ambitious we have a slip even further up the river at the Napa Valley Yacht Club on Monday night. We are both looking forward to the adventure and I plan to report from the water. Yesterday I tried tethering my iPhone to my computer via Bluetooth and it worked flawlessly. That should help keep me connected during our trip. Bon voyage!

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