Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Solo Sail to the Cove

Had a nice couple of sails the other day I wanted to share with you. I had Kona and we are puppy sitting his sister Carmen for a month. She had never sailed before and it turned out she loved it out there. We took off about 10am and the wind was already at 15k. We headed towards Tiburon and had a splendid sail across the bay with only a handful of other boats out. We anchored for lunch in Paradise Cove and highly recommend this spot as it is glassy and warm over there. This on the east side of Tiburon and lovely. Did a swim on the hull to check the bottom. Looking good. We had a problem a few years ago when the guy that cleans the bottom sent me a bill for his services and he did not scrub. After an irate call from me, he does not do that anymore! You should check your bottoms as well after a scrub (pun intended). Then it was over to Sam's for a beer. Had to wait about 15 minutes for a spot to open up. A large yacht passed right by me just as the folks were pulling out and he takes my spot. I let him know I was waiting and he was nice enough to pull forward. Had a beer and then took off for home. Winds were a strong 25 and the windsurfers were all around me near Treasure. Got back in around 5pm and took a good long time to clean and put the boat to bed. Another great day on the bay!

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