Monday, February 23, 2015

A Most Ecellent Sail!

Headed out for windy day sail on Sunday.  Sy, Luanne, Ceilia, Jason and John joined me for the sail of the year (so far).  The wind had a very northerly component and we started sailing as soon as we hit the end of the harbor.  It was a straight shot for the Gate which is very unusual.  Winds were in the high teens as we headed into the shadows of the Gate.  I called for a lunch stop at Horseshoe Cove.  Beautiful.  We headed out the gate and we could see some amazing detail in the hills and valleys due to the winds.  We made to the end of Golden Gate Strait for a look up and down the coast.  Always a pretty sight.  There were some small swells from the ocean that were very nice.  We tacked and headed back, blasting across the bay at 7+ knots.  What a day for the record books.  Like I say, after 1000+ sails on this boat, it just keeps getting better!

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