Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bonehead Move of the Month

By now you have read about the father/son duo that was rescued in the Atlantic.  The bought a boat on eBay for $10k and fixed it up and loaded the boat for a cruise to Australia.  They decided to depart during a blizzard from the Boston area.  Hours later they had no engine and no sails and called a Mayday.  The Coast Guard steps up in the teeth of the storm and rescues them.   They may have had some visa issues but no one goes to sea in the height of a storm in the middle of winter.  That would be like going to Starbucks in the middle of a tornado.  I am surprised that the folks around them let them take off.  Please folks, we need to use weather windows.  It's not that hard.  What is really upsetting is that they put the resue folks in harms way.  Kudos to the the swimmer on the chopper for jumping in that frigid water to save them.  Stuff like this should not happen with all the weather resources we have.  Or maybe its just them, with no clue what so ever.
Read the story here.

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