Saturday, February 21, 2015

Beautiful, With a Chance of Fog

The fog has returned to the bay area.  This is what generates all the consistent winds we have for 9 months out of the year.  The winds at Angel Island are gusting to 30 as I type.  Predictions for the day were 5 knots of wind.  We have a very cold ocean and a very warm inland valley to the east.  The warm air mixes with the cold water and creates condensation in the form of of fog.  Think of your cold glass of beer in the summer.  The water on the outside of the glass is the same condensation from the mixture of hot and cold.  Then we have a very warm valley that heats up and the air starts rising from the valley floor.  The cool air near the ocean rushes to replace the rising air.  The trifecta happens when all that air gets compressed running in thru the Golden Gate Strait.  Viola, we have twice as much wind because of the pressure.  I have been sailing outside the Gate in winds of 10-to 12.  Once inside, its blowing 25!

Heading out on Sunday with a few Burning Man friends and it should be a spectacular day!

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