Sunday, February 15, 2015

Insane Mt. Bike Rider

I started riding a mt bike in 87, shortly after the revolution started on Mt Tam in Marin.  We have some amazing rides in the bay area.  I have a bunch of friends who love to ride and for 10 years we ht the hills when ever we could.  I still ride in the hills near my house with great regularity.  I'll be coming down a hill a roust a few birds and we fly together down the hill.  I like that part.  Also, getting off the roads and away from distracted drivers in cars is a great thing.

Had a memorable sail on Friday with John and boat partner Rob.  The wind was from the north so we tacked 20 miles north in 10-15 knot winds.  Once we hit the Richmond Bridge, we turned around for a glorious spin run down the channel.  Just before our turn, Artimus racing showed up with their 45' cat foiling all the way.  It was great to see an AC boat cooking across the bay!  We had a ton of laughs and good times.  I was feeling groovy!

Heading out today with some more good friends and one buddy Dan who I have known since 5th grade.  Sunny, warm, mid 70's in SF.  Meanwhile in Boston...

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