Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bonehead Move of the Week

The eastern Pacific is teaming with wildlife at the moment.  Because of the warmer water (El Nino) tons of food is available to the lager mammals.  We are seeing humpbacks and blue whales in unprecedented numbers off the coast.  And folks are getting too close.  These folks were lucky and got back to shore without major injuries.

Had an amazing sail on Monday.  Sunday was my bday and my friends and I celebrated by having an annual beach party at Montara.  I was beat on Monday and decided to extend the celebration.  My favorite crew member, Kona and I hit the boat at about 11:30.  The wind was just starting to come up on another stunning day.  At the last channel marker, we raised both sails in a 10 knot breeze.  Off on a port tack, we split the pier and were off for a fantastic reach towards Angel.  12 knots of wind and Kona and I head to the bow as the coast is clear.  I love letting the boat steer herself and she is good at it.  We make a tack in the lee of Angel and then one more gets us to Craig's Cove on Angel.  Kona and I swim to the beach and play fetch for a while.  It's one of the warmest days this summer and romp nude in the sand.  What a day!  We head back and the wind is in the high teens so we go with jib only for a run around the island.  We head to the barn in 20 knots and then crawl into the v-berth for a nice nap.  Happy Birthday to me!

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