Thursday, September 17, 2015

What To Do With My 100' Sled

Go racing of course!

Sydney-Hobart Race aboard Ragamuffin going 38 knots downhill!  Full screen only!

Headed out last Saturday night to some huge winds due to Tropical Depression Linda.  She was a hurricane down in Baja but as she headed north, she brought cloudy skies and 35 knot winds to the bay.  At 7pm, I headed out and it was pretty rough.  Stayed out in the swells and gusts for 1.5 hours and headed in with my tail between my legs.  The boat did fine.

On Sunday, we had a crew of 9 heading out.  Winds were brisk as we motored out the channel under electric motor.  We raised the jib for a sail to Clipper Cove for lunch.  Kona and I swim to the beach.  After lunch, we raised the main and headed towards Angel.  Winds are building and we sail smartly.  We hit Racoon and spirits are high.  We let several of the novices take the helm and comedy ensues.  This trip had lots of smiles and laughter.  We sail thru Racoon and circumnavigate Angel.  We head home on a blistering run to the barn and are home in no time.  What a great sail and loads of fun!

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