Saturday, September 05, 2015

Why I Love Our Newport 30

We have owned our 34 year old boat for 15 years!  The average boat ownership lasts a little bit over 2 years.  We have repaired and replaced most of the major items on the boat.  One of the big reasons I love this boat so much is because of the guy who designed it, Gary Mull.  Whatever he did to the hull is magic.  Thursday's sail is a case in point.  We set sail in about 20 knots with a bit of jib flying.  My friend John was driving us towards Angel Island.  I took over and released the helm.  For the next 30 minutes or so, the boat sailed herself to our lunch spot off a beach in Tiburon.  Effortless, easy sailing with no one at the helm.  Do most boats do this?  Not like ours.  Once you have the correct amount of sail up, she takes over and does the rest.  Gary designed a slew of boats including Santanas, Newports and Rangers to name but a few.  He was one of the most successful designers of the 20th century.  He passed away many years ago but I wish he was still around and I could take him for a sail and show him the magic he has created on the water.

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