Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hydroptere History Flick (one of the fastest boats on the planet)

We saw this amazing boat in SF in 2012.  They were waiting for a weather window to Hawaii in an attempt to break the LA to Honolulu record.  They got bored with the light winds of LA, so they took a trip up the coast to SF where the winds are plentiful.  During one of the Americas Cup World Series races, they flew by us at 35 knots.  This amazing sailing group owned the world speed record at 64+ knots a few years ago.  They finally got a start on the Transpac record in June of this year.  It was the first time a flying hydrofoil had crossed an ocean.  Unfortunately, the conditions were light and they had to dodge a huge patch of debris which caused them to lose much time going around it.  They plan to try again in the future, maybe next summer when the conditions are best.  Bon voyage!

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