Friday, December 09, 2016

2016 Was Fantastic!

A year in my life.  I have been so blessed over the last 58 years.  And 2016 was no different.  Our family is healthy, our business of 25 years continues to grow and thrive (Too Much Fun Club).  Sailing continues to be my passion and I am on the boat a couple times per week for day sails with friends as well as solo on the San Francisco Bay.  The highlights this year were many, here are a few:  A 7 day charter in one of the world's most beautiful cruising grounds, the Grenadines, a ski trip with my wife Bridget to Whistler/Blackcomb, a spring break ski trip with my son and wife to Mammoth, a wonderful trip to Maui with my sister and her husband, a 4 day visit to the Bohemian Grove with 2500 men, a very nice 4th of July in New Hampshire on Lake Sunapee with my whole family, a couple days of wine tasting and fine meals in Santa Barbara, Burning Man with a great camp of 50 friends and an art car to take us around the playa, 40th high school reunion in Delaware, my 6th Baja Haha on a cool trimaran with big winds and tons of fun, a week-long family trip to Puerto Vallarta with our friends Frank and Leslie, and a trip home in a few days to Delaware for the holidays.  I think I had something like 16 weeks of vacation this year!  I am semi retired so that helps.  Have been for the last 25 years!  So here we are in December and I am feeling very thankful for my wife, my son Connor, my extended family and our dog Kona.  We have been so very fortunate.  I hope your holidays are grand!
This is why I love our Newport 30!  The wind is in the high teens, we head to the bow close hauled and the boat just sails herself.  Many boats do this and many do not.  I love the fact that ours does.

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