Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Winds

Had a nice couple days in Sausalito.  Sailed out Monday with Mike along with Kona and his sister Carmen.  No wind at first but it built up to 20 as the day went on.  The tide was ebbing hard when we hit Raccoon Strait.  The wind was a bit lighter but with the strong tide we made it through quickly.  Then a nice sail up the city front of S-town and to the reserved slip.  Mike took off and I hit the hay for a nap.  My friend Dave came over for a bit and we swapped tales.

Up early Tuesday for a walk to the store and check in at the harbor office.  After some pancakes and tea, we were off.  No one out but me and a Coast Guard cutter.  Wind was light at first but built to a strong 20.  Did a bunch of tacks up towards the city and between Treasure and E-ville.  Headed in at three for some rest and cleaning up the boat.  Headed home for a nice hot tub and reflected on two great sails to end the year.  It just keeps getting better and better!

Vid bonus:  A look back at sports highlights for the year.

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