Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Sailing Goals 2017

Here is a list of this year's goals:

+  = completed

Sail the Grenadines +  Had a wonderful 7 days on a 42' Bene
Fix engine issue +  We replaced our battery pack for our electric engine and she is working fine.
Sail in the 2016 Baja Haha (my sixth) + What a great adventure and too much fun!
Get ready to purchase boat for 2018 trip to Australia +
Learn to kitesurf  Too busy!
Have a boatload of folks join me for more day sails on the bay+
Sail the Channel Islands of Socal  Almost sailed them but ended up on the Haha instead.

Sailing goals 2017!

We are departing for Australia in September of 2018.  I plan to begin searching for the perfect boat in September of 2017.
More night sails
Finish Itinerary for our trip to OZ
Research locations for our journey
Update Passport
Sail on other friends boats
Charter BVI's  (need to convince my friend Frank!)
Find the perfect boat and prepare her for our 7000-mile/one whole year adventure to Australia!!!!!
We are calling it our Radical Sabbatical.  Wish us luck and fair winds.

Bon Voyage to us!!  The crew is made up of two great sailing buddies.  They are joining me for the entire voyage!  I will be blogging about Tex and Mike on future posts.  Stand by.

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