Friday, December 30, 2016

Chromecast Part 2

Late last month I purchased a couple Chromecasts for audio playback thru the house.  Worked great with Spotify.  I could throw a group together and have music everywhere I had a unit and speakers.  I was a little disappointed because I have a ton of recordings from the internet and the radio that I would love to cast but there was no way to play my iTunes lib thru Chromcast.  I went back to an old program I had called Airfoil.  When my old Airports were working, I could stream anything to my speakers, not just iTunes.  So I downloaded the latest version of Airfoil and voila, I can now cast anything that plays on my computer to my Chromecasts.  For many this is not a big deal, for me it is everything!  I listen to a bunch of music on the web and this allows me to cast it anywhere I have one of these inexpensive units ($35).

I hope this helps someone out there.

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