Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I Like the Cut of Your Jib!

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Commissioned to challenge the America’s Cup in the early 1930s, Sir Thomas Sopwith applied aviation technology to Endeavour and spared nothing to make her the finest yacht of her day. She was launched in 1934 and become one of the best known yachts afloat, but after the war her fate often hung by a thread and eventually she was saved at the eleventh hour in 1984 by American yachtswoman Elizabeth Meyer. Her faithful five-year rebuild saw Endeavour sail again and kick-started the entire J revival. Endeavour sailed again on June 22, 1989, for the first time in 52 years.
More recently, her current owner undertook major upgrade of both rig and interior before entering and winning a series of races and regattas.
One of the three last remaining original J-Class yachts still in existence, she boasts a surprisingly luxurious interior that will sleep up to eight guests and features hand-crafted wood panelling and traditional leather furniture.
In 2017, after an absence of 80 years, J-Class yachts will return to the America’s Cup and compete in their own four-day classic regatta. Endeavour will automatically qualify to race and she may also be available for America’s Cup promotional and charter work.  She is for sale at just under $20m.

More info on the J Class and some history.

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