Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sailing Tip of the Month

When I first started sailing our new to us boat on the bay...way back in 2000, I was very concerned about determining whether or not I was on a collision course with another boat.  It's a busy bay out there and without proper knowledge, it can get scary.  Then a friend, Geoff, gave me one of the best sailing tips ever.  It's called the Nicholls Effect (named after him!).  When you see a boat coming your way, look at the land behind the boat.  If it is not moving. you are on a collision course.  If the land is disappearing behind the bow, the boat will pass in front of you.  How cool is that?  If you are on the ocean, a hand bearing compass will show you the same.  Or you could use a stanchion to determine movement or not.  Try it next time you go out.  This has saved me a lot of gray hair.  I believe the proper name is ranging. Yes?

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