Thursday, May 11, 2017

360 Degree Cool

Here is a neat feature, on the top left of the vid is a white circle.  Use it to navigate the picture sideways and behind for a 360 view.  Enjoy!

Here is a quick tip for you'all: Zippers with metal slides have a bad habit of becoming frozen with corrosion even though the teeth of the zipper are plastic. If you use force, you'll ruin the zipper. Instead, place a small rag soaked with vinegar over the corroded slide, cover the rag with a piece of Saranwrap, and wait an hour or more if you can. The acidic vinegar will dissolve the corrosion and free the slide.  If you have zippers in a marine environment, this is a common problem that can be resolved without breaking the zipper.  Give it a try!

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