Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pheado 3 Breaks Another Record

This MOD 70 tri continues to clobber the record books with their latest foray into the Pacific.  With a time of 3 days, 16 hours and some change, they broke the Trans-Pacific Course record by a bit over an hour.  They pushed themselves and the boat to the limit and came roaring into Hawaii to stand tall.

From the owner:

Many of the crew jetlagged and tired showed their true professionalism in taking the opportunity to eat as much food and drink as much water in between naps while two would stay up willing the wind to arrive while motoring slowly in circles. Finally, around 2:30pm, the wind began to fill and as soon as we could get the boat lined up and coordinate with the official timers, we began our attempt.

It was slow going at first and gnawing at the back of my mind was the constant thought, every extra minute we spent slowly going over Catalina island would raise the average speed needed to break the record. Also, we knew we were going straight into some very testing conditions. Within a few hours, darkness was upon us and we were straight into 3 reefs and our J3 reaching into big seas 30 to 35 knots of breeze. All this in at somewhere around 100 degrees TWA which is absolutely the scariest place to drive a hyper performance trimaran.

Fully into darkness we checked our math or math’s as the mostly English crew would say and found we were going to need to average 27.5 knots from that point on all the way to Hawaii on our routing just to tie the old record. It was at that moment when the boat was slamming so hard it felt as though it might come apart… the enormity of our task began to dawn on me. We were going to have to leave everything on the table. We were entering the rarified air of all or nothing. Not the usual all or nothing but this boat is either going to flip, snap in half, dismast or we might get the record…might.
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More info on the boat and it's owner here.

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