Friday, May 26, 2017

The Wind Gods - A Look Back at AC 33

The 33rd America's Cup was all about the boat.  The winds were at 6 knots and the boats were blasting thru the water at over 30 knots.  Oracle's boat was 113' long and 90' wide with a mast almost 200 feet high with a rigid wing.  Because of all the conflicts on the rules, this was a Deed of Gift Race between two boats, Alinghi and BMW/Oracle. A best out of three for the cup. The boats were very different and BMW/Oracle proved without a doubt that they were the fastest. Alinghi was penalized in both races and had to perform a 360 degree turn at some point during the races. This is a fantastic look back at the boats, the crews and the races. I hope you will watch this film in its entirety. Go USA!

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