Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Amazing Shot

Click the pic for a much larger view of this unbelievable shot of the Maltese Falcon near the southern tip of Angel Island - pic taken by George Dapsevicius via Sailing Anarchy!

Last week we had a major fire on Angel Island that burned a good portion of the most beautiful island on the bay. The worlds largest sailboat was near by and this spectacular shot was taken. We sailed around the island yesterday and from our view point most of the island was spared and the portions that were burned should come back quickly. The island opened today with limited access. Judging by my wind speed gauge on the right of the page, they are still having power issues. Sailing to the island for an afternoon bocce game is a favorite event of some of our crews on the Addiction.


yachtblick.de said...

I thought Jim Clarks Athena is the largest sailing vessel in the world!

Craig Russell said...

The Falcon has the longest waterline and Athena is the longest over all.

Oceantric said...

At any rate, the juxtaposition of "great wealth" with the "world burning down" is uncanny in respect to the current global economic crisis....like it