Saturday, October 04, 2008

Speed Barrier of 50 Finally Broken!

Unverified reports coming from Namibia suggest that professional kite surfer Sebastien Cattelan (FRA) has finally broken the magical 50 knots barrier, the holy grail of speed sailing.

Coming into today’s event, he was struggling with an unrelated small injury, requiring him to reduce his activity. “I’ve been in bed the last three days, concentrating on what I would do today. Then I just did it,” he says. According to Cattelan, his record breaking run of today saw a maximum speed of 58 knots – 107kph – on the GPS, with an average of 54.5 knots over 200m.

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2008 is being held in Lüderitz, Namibia, from 15 September 2008 to 13 October 2008. This is the second edition of the event, which is running on the wind blasted coast just a few hours from Capetown.

Accompanied by several high 49 knots runs from himself, Alexandre Caizergues and Jerome Bila (all France), Cattelan was the only sailor finally getting to 50.26 knots.

Special attendance was paid to the required water depth, and the organizer in co-operation with the WSSRC commissioner present, clearly ensured that the rule was strictly applied.

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