Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Light Bucket Race HIghlights

Here is a great vid of last weekends 30 mile race to a mark outside the Golden Gate.  Ronnie Simpson is preparing his Moore 24 for the Singlehanded Pacific Cup Race to Hawaii in July.  I met Ronnie on the last Haha and have been following his story since 2008 when he lost his boat off San Diego and ended up getting rescued by a freighter and ended up in China.  With no money, he worked and saved enough to bike to London (almost 6 thousand miles).  At a pub near London, his bike is stolen.  Makes it back to Cali and decides to race to Hawaii.  Does well in the solo race and on the way back, loses his keel 700 miles from shore.  Luckily the sea state was calm and he was able to motor sail back to the Gate.  Did I mention he was released from the armed services after getting wounded in Iraq?  I am not sure if this guy is lucky or good (maybe both).  Enjoy the vid and turn it up!

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