Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Week in the Bahamas

My wife and I celebrated a week in the Bahamas this last week.  We flew all night and some of the next day to get there from San Francisco.  We were celebrating 20 years of marriage and we have also worked together for 22 years.  We own a company called Too Much Fun and work with companies in the Silicon Valley and assist them with their celebrations.  It has been another fantastic year!  How you say, can I work with my wife and not gone crazy?  Sailing has been a huge pressure relief for me.  It's something that she does not enjoy, so it gives me an opportunity to get out and do my own thing with my friends and gets me out of the house.  To live together, work together, and be side by side for that much time, you need something that provides a chance to be apart as well.   And I do alot of sailing which she encourages me to to do...or I would most likely drive her crazy!  Here's to you, Bridget!

Getting back to the islands, we stayed at a lovely resort on New Providence (Nassau) called Sandals.  We have been to the easy vacations on the west coast (Mexico, Hawaii) many times and wanted something different. We had an oceanside room with our very own butler.  Pretty cool.  The highlight for me was the (beside having a great week with my wife) sailing!  Can you believe it?  They had a bunch of Hobie 14's that you could jump on during the day.  3 of the 7 days, they closed the beach due to too much wind.  Above 20 knots and it could be dangerous for those not used to that much wind.  One day it was blowing a perfect 25 and I pleaded with them to let me go out but they would not budge.  The last day was beautiful and I had a nice two hour morning sail off of Cable Beach.  After lunch, I hit it again about 2pm.  It really started building and eventually it hit 25 and I was ripping.  These boats are main sail only so it's tough to get into too much trouble. However, if you are not careful, you can pitch pole at higher speeds.  I was loving sailing up to 10 knots over the azure blue waters of this bay.  I enjoy sailing naked so I would head away from the other few boats and relax as the boat sailed herself out to the reefs about a mile off the beach.  We had a lovely time and the all inclusive did a nice job of supplying us with great food, lots of G&T's and nice wine.  Here's to many more great vacations with my wife and family!!

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