Saturday, November 23, 2013

Perfect Storm: The Rescue

Had a very windy solo sail on Thursday.  Made it out about 4pm and the wind was in the low twenties from the north.  This allowed me to sail straight towards Sausalito.  Got around Angel and it got lighter but gusty.  Tacked near Stown and then headed back towards Alcatraz.  Could not make it due to tide and wind so I gyped around and headed around the other side.  As I was nearing the channel to the harbor it picked up to 35 or so. It seemed I was racing down the channel.  Got the sail down once in the harbor and motor on.  As I entered the slip the motor died and the wind pulled me into the fairway.  I am now in a pickle.  Drifting in the dark, I look for an open slip.  One only and the wind pushes me right in and I tie off.  I contacted the harbor master and she said no one is using the slip so I am OK. What a night to remember. 

Yesterday saw very little wind so Kona and I headed to Clipper Cove for a swim to the beach.  Lots of dogs and people.  Also a bit of a raft up.  Headed home for a hammock sail and then the wind did pick up a little and had a nice end of the day sail.  Good times on the Addiction!

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