Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cool Pics and a Peek out the Gate

Had a very mellow sail with John and Marc out the Gate on Sunday.  Temps in the 60's and nice as we left the dock. Checked the tides and it was slack going to a flood.  Perfect for a sail out the Gate!  We reached the bridge in brilliant sunshine.  Marc's first time out the Gate so we told him of the rites of passage.  Go to the bow in the buff and scream at the top of your lungs while making an offering to Neptune.  He did not go for it.  We had a nice sail without any large ships and it was delightful.  I put on Into the Mystic by Van Morrison and it was awe inspiring to be out there.  We had a nice sail back and then the 10-12 knot wind died as we approached the channel.  After, we headed over to check out John's new to him Islander Freeport 41.  Very nice live aboard/charter if John can get her up to code.  More sails soon!

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