Saturday, November 16, 2013

Partnerships: Cost effective yacht ownership

We started our sailing partnership 13 years ago when 3 of us purchased a 1981 Newport 30.  Our initial purchase price was $15k.  We got lucky and bought a boat that has brought us great times and pleasure.  It is also some what of a second home on the water.  Fast forward to 2013 and we now have 6 partners each paying $100 per month or $3 a day to own this great boat.  That covers all of our expenses for the year.  We paint the bottom every 3 years and we will kick in a few hundred each to cover what our kitty cannot.  Each partner has a week where the boat is "his".  He can sail any time during that week.  If someone else want to go sailing, they just contact that person and he either joins or goes out on his own.  It works.  I have been the lead partner taking care of the administrative side as well as doing a lion share of the maintenance on the engine and boat.  We do have an annual work day where everyone comes out and we work on the boat.  This year I have sailed her about 70 times so getting access is not a problem.  Several of the partners have sailed less than 5 days.  The good news is, even if you don't sail that much, it's not costing an arm and a leg.

One of the keys in setting this up is to get like minded partners.  Our theme is day sails with a trip or two a year that might last 5 days.  If you want a racing boat, it would be best to get all racers to join.  We also ask for a one year commitment as it could be painful if you have folks coming and going all the time.  DMV, insurance, getting them up to speed all go into the equation.

If you love sailing and have enough for a latte a day, you can't afford not to join or get a partnership going.  If you need a push or info, drop me a line.  It's time to cast off the dock lines and get ready for the time of your life!!

Our 1981 Newport 30 - Addiction

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