Friday, November 01, 2013

Baja Ha Ha Fleet in Trouble as Depression Approaches

I attended the last 3 Haha's and we could not have had nicer weather for the 750 mile rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas.  Today the fleet (130 boats and 500 friendly folks) has it's beach party in Turtle Bay and on Saturday they would normally be departing for their next destination, Santa Maria, about 150 miles north of Cabo.  However, there is a storm brewing south of Cabo that will hit the southern tip of Baja on Monday or Tuesday.  The fleet arrives in Santa Maria on those same days.

As you can see below, winds are currently at 30 and gusting to 40 knots.  Sounds like a typical summer day on the SF Bay!  However, the ocean will develop much larger waves and lousy conditions.  In addition, there could be a headwind which will make for slow going.  Latitude 38 will be releasing a statement later today on their plans and I will update this post.  If memory serves, this is the first depression to hit the fleet in it's entire 20 year history.  And hurricane season officially ends today in this region of the planet.  Best of luck to the fleet and Cabo.

Update: the weather gurus say the storm will Peter out so the fleet will depart as usual on Saturday for Santa Maria. Bon voyage!

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