Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bonehead Move of the Year - Team Oracle

After much pondering, h2uho's choice for bonehead move of the year is the sailing team that decided to put five pound weights in the bows of their AC 45's.  This made them a second or two faster in light winds during the World Series races (which they won) that lead up to the America's Cup.  Several members of the team were booted or demoted and it gave NZ a two race lead out the gate for the best of 19 races.  No one ever came forward to say I did it so we have to blame the entire group, top to bottom.  Although as we all know, Oracle made a dramatic comeback and won the whole thing.  The cheating was discovered well after the American team had won the world series earlier in the year.  The officials were going over the boats in advance of the Red Bull races for the youth teams.  The bonehead part happened when the perpetrators failed to cover their tracks and pullout the extra pounds.  Cheating is no good for anyone, but if you are going to cheat...CYA.

Happy New Sailing Year to you!

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Tillerman said...

Good choice!