Monday, December 09, 2013

Sailing Goals 2014

2013 coming to a close and I thought I would see where we are headed for 2014.

Here is a look at my goals from this year, 2013: (The % indicates that item was accomplished!)

Add new dodger to the cockpit %
New starboard cockpit winch %
More night sails %%  (had some of the best this year)
Take a bunch of friends out to see the America's Cup races on the bay %%%
Plan a bare boat trip to Belize with friends %%
Take a 5 day trip up to Napa with bikes for winery tours and tasting %
Organize a partner sail
Organize a Newport 30 overnight raft up in Clipper Cove

We also added three new partners in 2012/2013 (not an easy feat!) for a total of 6 in our partnership.

Some additional highlights:
Scuba in Belize
35 knot night sail to Sausalito and back
Clipper Cove Raft with Rich and Tex
Beautiful sunset sail with John and Tex
Darts Team sail to the ballgame
Getting hit by another boat while at anchor in McCovy Cove (not fun)
Overnight with Andy at Ayala Cove
Sailing out the Gate a couple times with John on his boat
Moderate winds on the bay all summer long
Seeing those AC boats sailing close to 50 mph!
Sailing with my son to SF and attending a private concert on Alcatraz w/ Neon Trees
Swimming to the beaches with Kona
Having so many friends and family out on the boat this year (over 80 folks!)

Here are my goals for 2014:

Start looking at boats for the radical sabbatical to New Zealand and Australia departing 2018 for a 1.5 year adventure
A 5 day trip to the Delta
Plan a trip for 2015 to the Grenadines
More spinnaker sails
Sail in the 21st annual Baja Haha and the 2nd annual Socal Tata via Latitude 38
Six nights at anchor on the bay
Sail with John on his new to him 41' Islander
Raft up in Clipper Cove
Sails to Giants day games
Be safe!

Our boat is on the hard this week getting bottom paint and a few minor repairs.  Looking forward to a fantastic 2014!


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Kent Garner said...

That’s a long list of sailing activities for 2014! Well, can't blame you. It just brings an altogether different level of rush and thrill, sailing. I just hope all the repairs are done. You wouldn't want to brave the seas without making sure your boat is in perfect condition!

Kent Garner @ Whites Marine Center