Saturday, December 21, 2013

Seventh Winter Trip to Sausalito is a Winner!

Just back from 4 amazing days on the water.  The weather was perfect as were the winds.  Kona joined me for the sojourn.  We departed a day late due to a slow boatyard.  We were getting the bottom painted and the yard was busy.  I picked the boat up in Berkeley at noon on Tuesday.  I had to swing by Emeryville and on the way out the harbor, my best bud Tex had just gotten to his boat.  I told him I was heading to the city and he jumped on board.  We made it over and quickly began preparations for dinner.  Drew and Arnie were joining us for a feast on board.  At about 7pm, the boys showed up and we started the fiesta.  Soup, grilled polenta, brussel sprouts and thai chicken rounded out the menu.  By 11pm we toasted them and then hit the hay.  Up early as I had to meet John in Sausalito, a good 2 hours away.  I made it there with good winds in the slot.  John was waiting and we took off shortly.  The winds were in the high teens so we headed for a circumnavigation of Angel Island.  A nice sail indeed.  Sunny, warm and windy.  Headed to a guest slip at Clipper and John headed home.  I had some fish tacos and hit the v-berth about 8pm for some sound sleep.  Up on Thursday and fixed a few items.  Great scrambled eggs with salsa.  Off about 11 and no wind so I anchor in 25' off of downtown Sausalito.  Warm and nice in the cockpit.  The wind comes up about an hour later and I do a bunch of runs across the Golden Gate to the St Francis YC.  Really nice and not much in the way of ship traffic.  15 knots and building near Crissy.  What a wonderful sail.  We head back around 4 and go for a nice walk.  Spaghetti dinner and watching some movies in the v-berth.  Morning comes and I fix a charging issue.  We head off for Emeryville at 11 with some light winds that propel me towards home.  With the new bottom paint she is moving thru the water at a fast pace.  A hove to when the wind dies a bit.  An hour later the wind comes up and we are moving again.  Head in around 5 and one of my partners wants to load the boat for his day sail on Saturday.  Good to see Rob.  I head home, have dinner and pass out for the night!  Another great trip with Kona, the Addiction and some friends thrown in for fun!

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