Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Boxing Day - Sydney Horbart Race

One of the toughest stretches of ocean racing is getting ready to take off.  The 630 mile race for Sydney to Tasmania starts on 12-26.  Some of the top mono hulls will be trying to break the 1d, 18h record set by Wild Oats last year.  Let's wish them some decent weather and keep the storms at bay. 

To understand the importance of the Hobart race in the Australian national psyche, consider first that sailing is indeed quite popular down there. Stir in the fact that the race is part-and-parcel of the annual Christmas holiday hysteria, and finally that anyone with a boat and the will to get across Bass Strait can participate if they really want to. Bake evenly for over half a century, and what you get is a sporting extravaganza the closest equivalent of which in American terms would be something like a cross between the Rose Bowl game, a Fourth of July picnic, and an ESPN Extreme Games Olympiad.

Here is a look back at last years race.

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