Sunday, April 06, 2014

A great day to sail the bay!

We had a wild week of weather in the Bay Area last week with lots of rain, lighting strikes, hail and snow on the mountains ringing the bay.  On Friday, it was lots of clouds with a mixture of sun.  I had a few hours in the afternoon and headed up to the boat for a sunset sail.  Dark clouds were forming at the Gate.  I headed out preparing for wet and sure enough the rain stated coming down shortly after departure.  I was able to get under the dodger and enjoy the 20+ knot wind and rain as the Addiction steered herself into the storm.  It cleared out 30 minutes later to blue skies and a bit lower wind speed.  We headed for a splendid sail out near Angel Island and were rewarded with crystal clear views, emerald green hills and clouds looking like whip cream on top of an amazing sundae.  Kona and I were loving it as we were about the only boat out there except for some passing ferries.  Good sleep on the boat followed by some tea and blueberry pancakes from the galley.  Hooked up to the net using an app on my phone called  For $30 annually, it allows me to tether my phone to the computer.  Not bad.  Had some boat chores in the morning and at 11am, John is there for a sail.  Lake like conditions turn to 15-18 knots about noon.  We are fighting a flood tide as we head towards the Gate.  A boat on fire near Angel gets our attention.  All the passengers are in the water and the CG is nearby for a rescue.  After a half dozen long tacks, we get close but we are not moving very fast.  Finally we hit the other side of the bridge and we are flying.  A few tacks and we start the ride back.  More long tacks make this a ride to remember.  We make it back around 6:30 and feel fantastic after that wonderful sail.  I head home for dinner and crash hard.  A nice beginning to a wonderful weather weekend.

Drone videography is the coolest.  St. Barth's Bucket Race, French West Indies.

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