Sunday, April 06, 2014

Bad luck solo sailor looses mast in HI

I have been following Ronnie for the past 6 years or so and even met him on the Haha.  Because he does alot of long distance solo cruising on old boats, he increases his chances of disaster.  Let's review; he gets hit by a rocket launcher in the Iraq war and is released due to his injuries.  Not going anywhere in life, he decides to visit his bro in HI.  Buys an old boat and 400 miles off the coast, he loses his rudder in a late season hurricane from Mexico.  A passing freighter picks him up and drops him in China.  Not the island paradise he was hoping for.  He decides to continue over bike and bound for the UK!  Something like 9000 miles later, his bike is stolen as he drinks a beer near London.  He soldiers on and decides to race a donated boat to HI.  Bringing his boat back from the islands, he loses his keel...I said keel!  700 miles from the Gate and he places everything on the boat down on the floor for some stability.  The weather cooperates and he motor sails with the jib all the way home.  Fast forward to last month, he had bought a very well used Cal 2-27 in Tacoma and refitted it to be an engine less world cruiser.  He makes it to Maui and promptly loses his mast in 18 knots and a lee shore.  Rescued by the CG, he is now hoping to re-rig and continue to Australia. 
Here is the scoop on his latest escapade.

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